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General Filing requirements:

Blog post: Welcome to Life Abroad - Top 10 Expat Tax mistakes

Filing thresholds: Do I need to file a US Income tax return?

YouTube upload of Facebook Live recording on general filing requirements: 

Filing back taxes, fixing mistakes, and catching up on non-compliance:

Blog post: Playing Catch-Up: Streamlined Filing Procedures

Webinar recording explaining various catch-up options:

Form 114 Foreign Bank and Financial Account Report:

Blog post: How-to FBAR: Do you need one? And Most Common Mistakes

DOWNLOAD Excel table to help you organize your FBAR information. This version includes addresses of most Israeli banks and pension providers, as well as links to login and download your Israeli pension information.

If your foreign accounts are NOT in Israel, download THIS table instead.


Recording of webinar walking through the FBAR:

preivew FBAR table.png
preivew vocab.png
preivew reporting.png

EIP Coronavirus stimulus refund payments:

Refund calculator, FAQs, and videos: Coronavirus Relief Resources: Economic Impact Payments

Video explaining the three payments:

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