General Filing requirements:

Blog post: Welcome to Life Abroad - Top 10 Expat Tax mistakes

Filing thresholds: Do I need to file a US Income tax return?

YouTube upload of Facebook Live recording on general filing requirements: 

Filing back taxes, fixing mistakes, and catching up on non-compliance:

Blog post: Playing Catch-Up: Streamlined Filing Procedures

Webinar recording explaining various catch-up options:

Form 114 Foreign Bank and Financial Account Report:

Blog post: How-to FBAR: Do you need one? And Most Common Mistakes

DOWNLOAD Excel table to help you organize your FBAR information


Recording of webinar walking through the FBAR:

EIP Coronavirus stimulus refund payments:

Refund calculator, FAQs, and videos: Coronavirus Relief Resources: Economic Impact Payments

Video on how to check your status and input bank details for direct deposit:

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