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Yosefa R. Huber, CPA is a division of KYC Israel Research Services, Ltd

©2019 by Yosefa Huber

Coordinate Services

I am happy to work with outside professionals of your choosing to best meet your needs. 

Chana Engel is an Israeli CPA working out of Rehovot and Jerusalem.


I am honored to be working with Chana to provide coordinated services to clients requiring both US and Israel tax services. Through our partnership, you will enjoy the specialization and personal, friendly service of an independent accountant, with coordination that is superior to most large accounting firms.


With your permission, we will securely share your information to offer a holistic approach to your taxes. We will coordinate deadlines, accounting issues, and eliminate duplicate requests for information.

  • Opening files with Israeli taxing authorities

  • Individual and corporate tax preparation

  • "Hatzharat Osek Patur" annual report for self-employed people exempt from collecting VAT

  • "Hatzharat Hon" declaration of assets

  • Auditing

  • Bookkeeping for corporations and "Osek Murshe" (self-employed people required to keep books and collect VAT)

  • Payroll services

  • Consulting

Services include


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English & Hebrew

Yosefa R. Huber, CPA is a division of KYC Israel Research Services, Ltd, a leading research firm providing custom background reports, KYC (Know your customer) reports, legal research and more, on any Israeli business or individual.

  • Asset Searching

  • Background Checks

  • Bankruptcy Checks (Business & Personal)

  • Company Profile Reports

  • Company Director & Shareholder Reports

  • Corporate Registry Extracts & Translation

  • Due Diligence / KYC (Know Your Customer) Research

  • Litigation Search (Criminal & Civil)

  • Media & Reputation Checks

  • Real Estate Records

  • Site Visits and Verification

Services include



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