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Yosefa R. Huber, CPA


Boutique US tax firm specializing in individual taxation of US Expats (citizens living abroad) and non-citizens with US reporting requirements. Experienced in multiple-year filings under the IRS voluntary disclosure programs. I strive to offer the most friendly, personalized, and efficient service. 

           How can I help you today?

  • Form 1040 Individual tax return for US citizens and Green-card holders

  • Form 1040-NR for foreign citizens/non-residents with US-source income, such as rental properties, investments, royalties, self-employment income, or a W-2 from the US

  • FBAR Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Asset reports – a requirement of most US citizens and green card holders with any accounts outside the US

  • Streamline Filing (aka "Amnesty") to catch-up on tax returns or FBARs

  • FATCA reporting

  • 5471 Informational Return With Respect to Certain Foreign Corporations

  • Amending previously filed tax returns or FBARs

  • Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA) - expedite the application for US taxpayer identification numbers (ITIN).

  • Consulting, tax planning, and review of previously filed tax returns

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Contact me to see how my accounting expertise and personalized services can save you time, money and frustration.

Office (Direct)     04-883-9868

Mobile/Whatsapp +972-52-696-1936

Israel Fax +972-77-470-1708

United States +1-614-441-9779

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