Spring Promotion

"New Olim" Special

There are many aspects of moving to a new country that are fun and exciting. Filing a more complicated "Expat tax return" isn't one of them. I'd like to help ease that transition with a special discount on the first Federal tax return filed after leaving the US.


Whether you just moved in 2016, or you have some catching up to do, I'll help ease you into becoming "tax compliant" with a discount of 15% off that first return, on the house!


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  • There is no limit on number of years lived abroad, as long as you've never filed a US Tax return reporting foreign income.

  • Offer valid until March 15, 2017. I retain the right to extend or discontinue this promotion at any time.

  • Any fee quote given through this promotion expires March 31, 2017, if not otherwise specified. A signed engagement letter and deposit (where applicable) will be expected in order to secure the discounted quote.

  • As each individual tax situation is unique, the tax preparation fee of one individual will not be representative of any other fee.

Nonresident Expat Tax Amnesty